Sculptures made from keys by Moerkey – upcycleDZINE
Most of times upcycleDZINE features upcycle design lighting, furniture and some homeware. And just a few times there has been art on this blog. Art on upcycleDZINE is of course made out of upcycling discarded objects like for example decommissioned weapons, bicycle chains or skateboards.
And today it’s all about keys. Yes sculptures and lighting made out of old used keys.

Getting creative with keys

The creation of these unique sculptures is by Moerkey, founded by Michael Moerkerk, based in Horsham, Victoria | Australia. I never thought one could be so creative with keys. Just look at the lamp with the beautiful shadows on the wall.
Michael: “Not so long ago, when I was supposed to be cleaning out my shed, I came across some old copper pipe saved from a previous renovation. I cut it up into rings and started making it into spheres. The first ones were a bit rough but once I worked out the technique I got creative.”

Sculptures made from keys by Moerkey – upcycleDZINE

After searching around for all those old keys and copper wire, that were no longer needed, it turned out he could be creative with them as well. He progressed from making spheres, to footballs and bowls as well as angles and brooches.
“I’m a self taught woodworker from way back, and a bit of a photographer, but am really enjoying the challenge of working with new materials and building a new set of skills.”

Sculptures made from keys by Moerkey – upcycleDZINE
Sculptures made from keys by Moerkey – upcycleDZINESculptures made from keys by Moerkey – upcycleDZINE
After the first few balls made from keys, his neighbour started calling in and saying “Hey Moerkey, made any more balls lately” and that’s how Michael got the name for his shop on Etsy.

Sculptures made from keys by Moerkey – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Moerkey

You should definitely check out his online-shop to see the wide range of amazing objects and sculptures made out of keys, reclaimed copper pipe, wire and coins for the house and garden.

Design by Moerkey | Facebook



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