DDW 2014 part 2: BAUlamp by Spek

DDW 2014 part 2: BAUlamp by Spek – upcycleDZINE
This is the second part in a small series about my visit to the Dutch Design Week 2014. This was the third year I visited the DDW and I found a place where I hadn’t been before. I always go to the main exhibition that is held on the ground floor of a building called ’Klokgebouw’ [Clock building].
DDW 2014 part 2: Klokgebouw – upcycleDZINE
DDW 2014 part 2: Klokgebouw – upcycleDZINE
DDW 2014 part 2: Torenkamer – upcycleDZINE
An old factory building that was built in 1929 and designed by architect J.R. Bouten. Originally the building had seven floors. In the late 30s the characteristic tower with the clock was added and reached a height of 60 meters, which was enormous for that time.

Used site board creates unique signature

Well in that building, a bit tucked away in the Torenkamer [Tower room] with an amazing view, there was also work from a few designers. The small exhibition was called ’Design in Use’ and showed furniture, lighting and accessories designed by young designers. And one of them is design duo Spek, founded in mid 2014 by Michiel van Sinderen and Steffen de Jonge and based in Amsterdam | The Netherlands.
DDW 2014 part 2: BAUlamp by Spek – upcycleDZINE
The design by them that was on display is called ‘BAUlamp‘ and is created in association with VerdraaidGoed [meaning: Darn Good], a young design studio that creates and manufactures surprising sustainable product designs.
BAUlamp is made from upcycling a site board that functions the basis of the lamp. You see these site boards next to large construction projects. This high-quality material makes every BAUlamp unique because every used board is different due to its graphics and therefore has its own ’signature’. The fabric cord and the little plastic lampshade are chosen to match the boards.
DDW 2014 part 2: BAUlamp by Spek – upcycleDZINE
DDW 2014 part 2: BAUlamp by Spek – upcycleDZINE
Photos © upcycleDZINE

I really like the simplicity and colors of the lamps. It’s a fun and well thought of design. When you buy a BAUlamp you get a small box with a piece of paper with instructions. “By following 5 steps you’re able to easily build your unique design lamp yourself. You only need one small screwdriver; no glue, no nails, bolts or screws. Turn a beautiful bulb in and you’re done.”
Together with a few other designs in the Torenkamer it was certainly worth it to climb all those stairs.

Design by Spek | In association with VerdraaidGoed


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