It’s happy Friday and almost time for the weekend. Days where you usually have more time to enjoy your home. And maybe have a lazy evening watching a movie. And this is where the next upcycle design comes in. Last weekend I was sitting in my living room watching a movie. I wondered if it would be nice to have a rug under my feet in front of the television. And if so, wouldn’t it be great if that rug could be eco-friendly and maybe upcycled?

A colorful 100% Eco-Friendly rug

To my surprise, the answer appeared on my Facebook timeline. It was a post by Upcycle Studio about a stunning upcycle design rug called ‘Uber‘, a cotton flat weave rug’. Some time ago another rug featured on upcycleDZINE by Trash Garden, ‘Hunter‘.
Photos © Trash Garden

The Uber is designed by Trash Garden, owned and operated by Joanne Crocker. The rug is made by hand in India with reclaimed materials. It’s a 100% Eco-Friendly rug available in 5 sizes ranging from 70x130cm to 230x320cm. A vibrant, colorful piece that is kind to our planet, ethically made, supporting and providing income to small rural communities in India.
Joanne Crocker is also the founder of online shop Upcycle Studio with “people who are as passionate about good design as they are about our planet”.
Upcycle Studio is a great and wonderful initiative. If you’re searching for upcycle design it’s definitely a place worth visiting!

Design by Joanne Crocker | Trash Garden | Upcycle Studio


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