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Regular visitors of upcycleDZINE know by now that I’m always searching for unique or outstanding upcycle design. Always trying to find a design that uses an upcycled item or material that hasn’t yet been featured on this blog. Sometimes I encounter an object that uses the same product but it’s upcycled in a completely different way.

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Upcycling discarded golf clubs

As is the case with the design shown in this article. upcycleDZINE has already featured a few designs that used golf clubs. One of them is an upcycle design lamp I made using two old golf clubs and a Nesquik chocolate powder container, called Loft&Light57. And today I’m happy to show you another and a completely new way to use discarded golf clubs.

Golf Club Hanger by The Rag and Bone Man hanger part | upcycleDZINE

The design is by The Rag and Bone Man, founded by Paul Firbank together with Lizzie Gossling at Tent London 2011 as part of London Design Festival and based in London.

“We reuse and rework materials every day. We believe that the traditions of the historical rag and bone man, collecting waste and returning it back into the economy, is just as relevant today.”

This series of handmade golf clubs clothes hangers are made from an excess of unwanted clubs. Each hanger is unique in its combination of club type, serial number, and production date, which are hand stamped on to each frame. These pieces are an inventive, ethical solution to the vast amount of golf clubs that we see thrown away every year.

Can golf clubs be recycled?

Luckily golf clubs are made out of recyclable metal. This metal can be melted down and used to make new items. I was happy to find a really convenient way to get rid of old golf clubs responsibly. It’s called Loadup! Hopefully, you live in that part of the world where they are based because then you can use this eco-friendly junk removal service. They always try to find alternative disposal methods to the landfill, including donations and recycling, whenever possible.

Golf Club Hanger by The Rag and Bone Man close-up | upcycleDZINE

Combining the past with the present

The Rag and Bone Man workshop offers a unique and contemporary style of craftsmanship that combines the past with the present. It considers each piece as future heirlooms that will stand the test of time. Each product is archived, which adds to the sense of ownership with each item bearing its own individual tag including a unique hand-stamped serial number with a completion date.

From scrap yard to a new life

Paul Firbank is a designer who uses his crafts to transform aged machinery, iconic engine components, and historical motor parts along with modern scrap otherwise destined for the melting pot. He collects these items from London’s scrap yards and grease shops, reworked, restored, and re-energized into timeless objects. In order to upcycle these parts he restores, welds, turns, strips, brushes, polishes, and varnishes them so they can get a new life.

Machine to create Golf Club Hanger by The Rag and Bone Man | upcycleDZINE
Photos © The Rag and Bone Man

If this kind of upcycle design is something that appeals to you, well you should definitely visit The Rag and Bone Man website. You’ll be impressed by all the unique upcycle design products. And if you’ve got an old set ready to be upcycled and you’re looking for a new one, you can also check an excellent article on women’s golf club sets.

Design by The Rag and Bone Man | Facebook

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