STOOLS: recycled bike inner tube and tyre by Marron Rouge –upcycleDZINE
Does the project ‘Marron Rouge‘ [Brown Red] mean anything to you? The Marron Rouge project was born in 2009 by founder Jean-Marc Attia. Marron Rouge encourages good working conditions, no child labor, production and ecological practices based opportunities, recycled products, collaboration with various humanitarian organizations, the development of local expertise, sustainable social projects.
STOOLS: recycled bike inner tube and tyre by Marron Rouge –upcycleDZINE
For the manufacturing of his creations, Marron Rouge collaborates with NGOs [Non-governmental organizations] and social projects in India. Each social project has had one or more visits to ensure that there is no child labor, the local working conditions are good, that employees have social security coverage and their children go to school. Logistics, in France, is provided by the Lyon solidarity BIOPORT logistics platform that provides humanitarian logistics as well as others of ethical and fair trade.

Recycled tubes and tires in the fight against poverty

Knowing all this you start to see the significance of the project and the importance of the products. Here’s the upcycle design piece called ‘Stool‘ series: Brandon stool, Bradley stool and Bill stool. The seat is an inner tube slightly stuffed with foam rubber. The edges of the seat are made from a bicycle tire. The feet are out of eucalyptus wood.
All used tires come from bikes. All belts come from for serial production. These belts were made initially for cars, airplanes, boats, buses, trucks … The tubes are collected in the streets by the poor in Delhi (India) and are sold by them to a sorting center that belongs to the NGO that makes these accessories.
Making these accessories and bags from recycled inner tubes, recycled tires and recycled seat belts is entrusted to an NGO fighting against poverty in Delhi.
STOOLS: recycled bike inner tube and tyre by Marron Rouge –upcycleDZINE
Photo Bill stool © Marron Rouge

Not only does these unique stools look fantastic, but with buying one you also help the fight against a lot of things that are wrong in this world and in this case India.
Again this shows why upcycle design plays such an important role in today’s design and that inner tubes [and tires] are a fantastic material to use for making upcycle design!

Design by Jean-Marc Attia | Marron Rouge


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