StarDust: chandelier made from old vinyl by Gaby van Ineveld

Looking at the next upcycle design chandelier made me smile. The design is called ‘StarDust‘ by Dutch designer Gaby van Ineveld | Studio Yip. The fact that it makes me smile is not only because of the shape but also because of the topic that’s associated with it. I mean music.
For me a world without music is almost unthinkable. I love listening to music. Music is such a powerful force. It can make you happy, sad, remind you of things that happened or where you where. It can even give you energy. Whatever mood you’re in or whatever mood you want to be in, music can help. But there’s one thing that music can’t do and that’s bring back time.
The time where if you wanted to listen to music, you had to use a turntable and vinyl records. Just shifting through your album collection and picking out the right one, was so much different than scrolling through your iTunes collection.

And after you made your decision which record it was going to be, you would open that fantastic looking album and take the record out. You would put it on the turntable and gently or automatically place the needle in the grove. Don’t get me wrong, I like listening to mp3 songs and you can still see a nice album cover. But those vinyl records and turntables just had something special. And like most of time, you notice how special something was until it’s gone. Well, not exactly gone, I still go a turntable and a box full with vinyl. But using it is something else.

Chandelier lets vinyl records shine again

Why this talk about the ‘old days’? I wanted to give some background on why I like vinyl record upcycle design. Not only this one, StarDust. Take a look at some other vinyl record design shown here on upcycleDZINE: RE_VINYL clock by Pavel Sidorenko, Relight my fire! by Gelmer Van Dorpe, Vinyl eyewear by Tipton Eyeworks and of course Vinyl Records Lamp by Genanvendt.
All stunning designs. And to make this list even longer, I want to add the StarDust series.

Photos © Gaby van Ineveld

These chandeliers are made of old records and their still amazing covers. The arms of the chandelier are cut out of vinyl record LP’s. The construction elements are made from beautiful cardboard record covers. Each chandelier is unique and they are made in various colors.
The diameter is 50 cm.

Design by Gaby van Ineveld



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