Copper Pipe Antlers by Derek Goodbrand

Copper Pipe Antlers by Derek Goodbrand – upcycleDZINE
For some time now there’s a trend to use copper. Both material and its color are appealing to lots of people. I guess the unique look and feel of copper is what makes it so attractive.
Another object that is quite trendy at this moment is antlers. For some people the bigger the better and for others they are interesting enough just the way they are. And there’s of course people who are searching for an object that uses antlers in an original way. Just like antlers upcycled into a stunning chandelier by Moon Stone Fox.

Copper pipe turns antlers into eye-catcher

And there’s, in my honest opinion, an even more unique kind of antlers. Namely antlers created by upcycling copper pipes and connecting parts. Copper Pipe Antlers is a design by Derek Goodbrand, who’s based in Calgary, Alberta | Canada. Copper pipe antlers is handcrafted and has a sturdy industrial style that will look stunning above a fire place, on an exposed brick wall or in a restaurant or bar.
Copper Pipe Antlers by Derek Goodbrand – upcycleDZINE
Derek is a plumber by trade. Maybe that’s where his fascination with various types of pipe originates from. He started as an apprentice plumber when he was 17, and worked for a commercial plumbing company for 13 years. He started working ‘creatively’ with pipes in 2013. Derek incorporates hij trade into all aspects of his work.
Copper Pipe Antlers by Derek Goodbrand – upcycleDZINE
Derek Goodbrand:

“I like to make something of quality that will last and last. A lot of people don’t want another run-of-the mill piece.
They want unique, custom, quality furniture, fixtures and design. They want functional, lasting pieces that fit their style and their home.”

Copper Pipe Antlers by Derek Goodbrand – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Derek Goodbrand

Derek uses reclaimed and salvaged materials whenever possible to minimize his collection’s environmental impact. He also wants his creations to have a unique history.
If you’re looking for an amazing piece of wall art, Copper Pipe Antlers might be something.

Design by Derek Goodbrand | Facebook | Etsy-shop


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