Yardstick Buffet by Corner House – upcycleDZINE
I’m very glad to show an upcycle design that makes use of an object that hasn’t been shown at upcycleDZINE. I’m talking about a yardstick. A great item with a very nice used look combined with graphics. And Laura from the blog Corner House decided that one could give a buffet an astonishing makeover and turn it into a ‘Yardstick Buffet‘. The yardsticks were found at antique type stores and she stript the buffet from its pulls and unnecessary bits, then cleaned, sanded and painted the buffet.

Yardstick Buffet by Corner House – upcycleDZINE
Laura: “To attach the yardsticks I first used liquid nails in a caulk gun and then I nailed down the ends of any sticks that weren’t lying right. Once all the sicks were on and the liquid nails was dry I used restoration oil and a clean (lint free) cloth to stain the yardsticks. The older sticks went really dark and the newer ones barely changed color at all. This gave the front a really nice stripey look.” Put back some new pulls and voila, that’s it in a nutshell.
Of course it’s a bit more work but it is a great DIY project. You can find a full tutorial by Laura at Corner House.

Design and tutorial by Corner House



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