Coffee Stovetop Desk Lamp by Rosa Montesa – upcycleDZINE
A few weeks ago an upcycle design featured on this blog called Espresso Maker Desk Lamp made out of an old coffee stovetop. In that post I mentioned the fact that these unique stovetops are typical Italian. It is said that almost every Italian household has such a coffee stovetop or espresso maker. The brand making the original ones is Bialetti. From the early 1950s to the present day, Bialetti has manufactured over 200 million coffee makers. Of course the coffee produced with this little wonder can’t compete with a shot of caffe [espresso], but it certainly provides a pure cup of strong coffee.

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Coffee stovetop lamp still has retro looks

The Coffee Stovetop Desk Lamp you’re seeing here is designed by Rosa Montesa, living in Valecia | Spain. She’s the founder of Reciclado Creativo – The Reuse Factory, a place where she’s able to share all the designs she makes out of upcycling old and discarded objects and materials. She got the idea for this lamp from a shop window she saw in Berlin. For the realization of this lamp Rosa used an Italian coffee stovetop that her parents had for some time. The handle was missing and it was only used a few times.

Coffee Stovetop Desk Lamp by Rosa Montesa – upcycleDZINE
Rosa about making the lamp: “It’s very simple to do, but has a disadvantage that you have to use the drill, and not everybody has one. I made two versions, one with a light bulb and one with a strip of LED lighting. This part I have not developed in the tutorial, because I believe that everyone can make the lamp so it seems the most appropriate thing.”

Coffee Stovetop Desk Lamp by Rosa Montesa – upcycleDZINE
When I came across this upcycle design desk lamp, that is also a DIY project, I just had to share it with you. I’ve come across several upcycle designers making a similar desk lamp out of an old espresso maker. But I’ve chosen this one because of the very helpful video tutorial along with great photos explaining you how to make a Coffee Stovetop Desk Lamp yourself.

Photos & video © Reciclado Creativo – The Reuse Factory

The Bialetti type espresso maker is such a fantastic designed device. Since the first ones were produced the design hasn’t changed much. And because these cute stovetops are around for a while you’re able to find them in thrift stores. Turning one, with its retro and stylish looks, into a friendly little lamp is a great idea and quite a small step.

DIY by Rosa Montesa | Reciclado Creativo – The Reuse Factory | Facebook | Tutorial


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  1. Very beautiful lamp.
    It can be changed cutting away the plain bottom of the pot or making other holes on the sides


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