Murmurations: cardboard pendant lights by graypants – upcycleDZINE
One of the things in nature that fascinates me is seeing a flock of starlings swirling through the sky. I’ve seen this phenomenon myself many times and I’ve seen some amazing videos about it. It’s just incredible seeing all those birds forming all these beautiful shapes. Such a flock of starlings is called a murmuration.

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A swirling flock of cardboard

Two weeks ago I got a message in my email box announcing the debut of a collection called ‘Murmurations‘ by graypants during the Tortona Design Week 2015 in Milan. Last week in Milan the Murmuration collection was compromised of several different pendants and a site specific installation featuring the moa pendant.

Murmurations: cardboard pendant lights by graypants – upcycleDZINE
Murmurations: cardboard pendant lights by graypants – upcycleDZINE
“The moa pendant is an organic shape made from graypants’ signature material; precision layers of repurposed cardboard. Moa is an extinct wingless and flightless bird, belonging to the ancient forests of New Zealand. Finding beauty in every corner of nature, we saw an opportunity to finally give the moa a chance to soar.”

Murmurations: cardboard pendant lights by graypants – upcycleDZINE
Murmurations: cardboard pendant lights by graypants – upcycleDZINE
Murmurations is a LED system inspired by those starlings flying is breathtaking formations. “The avian spectacle is translated into dynamic installations, with captivating three-dimensional forms. Each LED pendant within the ‘flock’ is harmoniously connected to its neighbors, creating varying compositions from every viewpoint.”

Murmurations: cardboard pendant lights by graypants – upcycleDZINE
Photos © graypants

Graypants is based in Seattle and Amsterdam. Rooted in Seattle as architects, Seth Grizzle and Jonathan Junker founded graypants in 2007. They promptly introduced the new company’s flagship line of pendant lights made entirely of repurposed corrugated cardboard – Scraplights. The range of their work is comprehensive, covering residential and commercial lighting, furniture, packaging designs, and architecture. In November of 2013, graypants was awarded AIA Seattle’s Award of Honor for their debut architecture project, Garage.

Video © graypants

Design by graypants


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  1. G’day,
    How does one hang these cardboard lights from the ceiling if there isn’t any plug out electrical system from the ceiling?
    Any ideas?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Christine, thanks for visiting upcycleDZINE. I would think you could use a long electrical cord from a wall outlet and run it along the wall and a mounted hook in the ceiling. And otherwise I would suggest that you contact the designer, being graypants. Succes.


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