Light Rug by Johanna Hyrkas – upcycleDZINE
Here I’m showing you a DIY design instead of an upcycle design. It’s that time of year that the leafs are falling, the days are getting shorter and inside the lamps are turned on sooner. The time to look for nice lighting. We all know the LED light strings and we know rugs made of rope. What if there was a way to combine these two.
Light Rug by Johanna Hyrkas – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Johanna Hyrkas

Well Johanna Hyrkas integrated these items into a rug with a light inside! It’s a DIY Area Rug + LED Floor Lamp resulting in the Bright White Light Rug. Now you can create your own Light Rug!

Design by Johanna Hyrkas | Anteeksi


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