Vintage camera gear turned into unique desk lamps by YStudio

Vintage camera desk lamps by YStudio – upcycleDZINE
Some objects can’t be used anymore in the way they should. For instance vintage photo cameras that still need a film roll. It’s so difficult to buy a film roll these days and to get the film developed and printed. These vintage ones are not in production anymore and most of the time they can’t be repaired. So they just gather dust or they are thrown away. And that’s a shame because these cameras are such a fantastic piece of craftsmanship.
So what better way than to upcycle them into a new modern object. And that’s what Taiwanese YStudio did. They took these great looking vintage cameras and upcycled them into lamps.

Vintage camera desk lamps by YStudio – upcycleDZINE
Vintage camera desk lamps by YStudio – upcycleDZINE
Photos © YStudio

In this post I’m showing the ‘Reborn‘, an old camera upcycled into a desk lamp.
YStudio: “The new technology provides people more convenient and efficient life. It makes us throw away things easily, and it’s a enormous waste that can not be ignored. But,we saw the painstaking effort and the insistency of quality from the craftsman in those products.”

Camera gets second life and shines again

I really like what YStudio did because they give these stunning cameras a second life so they can still get the attention they deserve. It would be a shame if future generations didn’t know that these photo cameras have existed. So now they can produce light instead of absorb light!
“We believe that to fix an old product is not just to fix its old function. The most important thing lies in making the old beauty melt in our new age.”

Design by YStudio



    • Hi Markie,
      Thank you for your comment.
      I had a sneak peak and it looks great.
      if you have great photo’s, also close-ups, and some info, I could maybe post about it.


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