CNIDARIA by Klaus Rosburg

CNIDARIA by Klaus Rosburg – upcycleDZINE
Four months ago, here at upcycleDZINE, I’ve been focusing on upcycle design. And I must say that within upcycle design the lighting designs tend to be my favoriet designs. One thing that I’ve mentioned before is the fact that I’m fascinated by what people come up with. It’s amazing that lots of stuff, that otherwise would be thrown away, ends up in fantastic upcycle design. The list of materials/products that are used to upcycle is getting longer an longer. And every time I wonder what else I’m going to encounter in my search.
Today I came across an upcycle design chandelier that uses a product that I’ve never paid any attention to. I’m talking about the packaging of disposable contact lenses. Award winning designer Klaus Rosburg | Brooklyn NY, made this lighting design called ‘Cnidaria‘. Klaus Rosburg, President at Sonic Design, develops consumer electronics and structural packaging and has been creating lights from ready-made and discarded object before. His chandelier made from clear coat hangers and pendant lights made from colored clothespins have been published and features in design books and magazines worldwide. It took him 7 years to collect the packaging of his wife’s disposable contact lenses and to complete his latest work.
Fascinated by the glow and weightlessness of Jellyfish, the Brooklyn based designer drilled, arranged and connected, disconnected and rearranged hundred of the cases to capture the look and mystery of these sea creatures. 500 rivets and a few blisters later, the chains of cases were transformed into Cnidaria, Creature of Light.
CNIDARIA by Klaus Rosburg – upcycleDZINE
CNIDARIA by Klaus Rosburg – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Sonic Design

Design by Klaus Rosburg



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