C-Barrel: unique barrel furniture by Cees van der Reep – upcycleDZINE
Every day you can find news about a very important topic: circular use of raw materials and goods. More and more companies and industries become convinced that they have to do something about the enormous waste stream we’re all producing. And one of the main ways of attacking this problem is to recycle, reuse and upcycle materials and products as part of building a ‘Circular economy‘.
And upcycleDZINE tries to show what is done as part of that circular use, by creating new design made out of discarded objects/products/materials. This is known as upcycle design, an amazing way to [re]use waste. Most of you regular visitors know this by now, but it never hurts to tell it again and again.

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Barrel gets distinctive folds

One of those products that could be recycled, but is used by several upcycle designers, is an industrial metal barrel. upcycleDZINE’s previous post was about a can, a sort of small metal barrel. The first designers that were featured showing these upcycled objects on this blog where Indusigns and Francesca Cutini. Both creating beautiful products. And two weeks ago I found a completely different product, also made out of the same object.

C-Barrel: unique barrel furniture by Cees van der Reep – upcycleDZINE
C-Barrel: unique barrel furniture by Cees van der Reep – upcycleDZINE
It’s a multifunctional piece of furniture called ‘C-Barrel‘, created by Dutch designer Cees van der Reep [sfeerfactor.nl]. Together with Dirk van Deurzen [woedz.nl] they produce C-Barrel in the Netherlands. The main part of this design is a discarded barrel that would have ended up in a shredder. Now, after being thoroughly cleaned and rinsed, they are compressed in a huge hydraulic press. The result is a distinctive product that never has the same folds and is therefore truly unique. Every time it’s a surprise how it turns out. The color of the C-Barrel depends on the ones that are available.

C-Barrel: unique barrel furniture by Cees van der Reep – upcycleDZINE
For the Dutch market C-Barrel is exclusively distributed by FP Collection. They are a specialized importer/wholesaler in project furniture for the business market and deliver their products through dealers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.
At this moment the C-Barrel collection consists of a side table, a stool with legs and one without. They are planning on more versions like a C-Barrel mini and a mini pendant lamp.

C-Barrel: unique barrel furniture by Cees van der Reep – upcycleDZINE
Photos © FP Collection

Well, I think C-Barrel is fun and a very cool, sturdy piece of Dutch furniture design and I’m really looking forward to the mini version.

Design by Cees van der Reep | Production by Woedz and De Sfeerfactor | Distribution by FP Collection


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