World of upcycling by Indusigns – upcycleDZINE
To first post of this week here on upcycleDZINE is about a design company that has been on this blog before. The first time I stumbled upon them was in September 2013. I’m talking about the Dutch design company called Indusigns who make upcycle design using oil drums, canisters and vintage industrial objects and tools. They have very nice pieces that range from lighting to a bbq or furniture and their very popular dog beds. And it’s great to see that their collection is still increasing.

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A world with one look and feel

And that’s why I thought it would be appropriate to show the variety of their collection that still has one clear look and feel. Indusigns [Fb] was founded by two brothers in the spring of 2013. Gijs Bodt, studied sociology/criminology and Chiel Bodt, studied architectural engineering, started the company out of their passion for industrial interior design and crafts. Gijs takes care of marketing & sales and Chiel is the designer.
World of upcycling by Indusigns – upcycleDZINE
World of upcycling by Indusigns – upcycleDZINE
I was lucky enough to have met them a few times and talk to them. And during the last talk we had, last year, they told me about moving to Amsterdam to start a new workshop in January this year. By doing so I’m sure, together with their commitment, skills and enthusiasm, they will create even more stunning upcycle design.
World of upcycling by Indusigns – upcycleDZINE
World of upcycling by Indusigns – upcycleDZINE
World of upcycling by Indusigns – upcycleDZINE
One of their latest pieces is a spotlight called ‘The Pipe‘ [in Dutch ‘De Pijp’] shown in the first photo. A unique upcycle design piece that combines a vintage industrial object with used iron pipes. The main element is made of a very old brass burner. It was used for working with roofing felt. The burner is marked by the many years it served faithfully. The base of this lamp is made out of old scaffolding parts. The wiring of this lamp is largely eliminated in the foot.
World of upcycling by Indusigns – upcycleDZINE
World of upcycling by Indusigns – upcycleDZINE
World of upcycling by Indusigns – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Indusigns

It’s is a typical example of what Indusigns is about. “The design products from Indusigns fit into the world of ‘upcycling’. We give disposable objects a new user value with high durability. Our products are therefore not only innovative but also environmentally conscious. The oil drums, hand pieces and zinc barrels that are found in many of our items are often weathered and therefore contain dents, scratches or rust. We leave that as well. It gives our collection the look we seek; authentic and full of character.”

Design by Indusigns

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