Skateboard stool by deckstool

Skateboard stool by deckstool – upcycleDZINE
Okay, after a few posts about upcycled skateboards you get the picture. I really love these things. Although I’m not a skateboarder I like watching the performed tricks and the way the boards look. Especially after being used for some time. So when I come across upcycle design made out of old skateboards it gets my immediate attention! Just like ‘Art of board‘, ‘Skateback‘ and the ‘Skateboard Sconce Lamp‘. All great examples of what can be done with these otherwise thrown away boards.

Broken in half and now a good seat

Well this time I saw the “deckstool” designed by Jason Podlaski from Pennsylvania-based deckstool. The deckstool began when Jason’s brother Adam handed him a pile of his old, broken skateboard decks and asked him to turn them into a piece of furniture. Looking at the decks, he was inspired by the consistent way they were broken.
Skateboard stool by deckstool – upcycleDZINE

“The longer ‘broken at the truck’ decks seemed to be natural legs for the design and the smaller ‘broken in half’ decks looked like they would make a good seat’.”

After playing with these broken decks for a while he also took a skateboard truck to tie the pieces together. The result is an amazing looking stool built and finished by skilled craftsman, showing of the beautiful scraped and scarred graphics.
Skateboard stool by deckstool – upcycleDZINE
Photos © deckstool

The goal of deckstool is to support skateboarding and skate-related causes through our recycling program and continue to turn tons of trashed skatedecks into beautiful, useful products that last!

Design by deckstool


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