‘Think Different’ by Atomic Attic

'Think Different' by AtomicAttic – upcycleDZINE
I’ve said it before, I’m an Apple fan for a long, long time. At home the family has several Macs to choose from. In the attic there are another two oldies, an iBook G3 Clamshell and an iMac G3 [fruitcolor]. Just like the picture above, but mine is green. Still haven’t decided what to do with them. They do work, only not capable of handling today’s job. But to throw them away is another thing.
'Think Different' by AtomicAttic – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Atomic Attic

No, still want to use them for something else. I’ve seen people turn their iMac into an aquarium. Looked great by the way. And today I came across this jewel, the upcycled Apple Computer Pet Bed – iMac – ‘Think different‘ by AtomicAttic. Not only the cat but the whole idea is nice. What some people come up with is just amazing. A typical example of think different! The whole casing was used, and the original speakers turned into the braces to prevent it from becoming a rocking chair pet bed. Every CRT is accounted for through a local Oregon e-cycles provider!

Design by AtomicAttic


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