upcycled stove
Upcycle design doesn’t always have to be difficult. Lots of times a simple design piece can make you smile and wonder why you haven’t seen it before. Just take a look at an upcycled vintage stove called ‘Lampe 97Y‘ by Nico Prabel | RécUPAtiNe based in Louhans, France. He did a great job with this friendly and fun looking lamp. And looking at his collection he has certainly created some fantastic simple and stunning pieces.

A passion all about upcycled objects

Lighting design is his passion. “I practiced for many years, but following several requests and achievements I decided to develop this passion. I search, I look in different places (flea market, dump, family, friends, the street …). Then I assemble, I disconnect, I adapt, I drill, I sand, I scoured, I adjust to get an original result, unique and that pleases me.”

Photo © RécUPAtiNe

RécUPAtiNe shows that there are so many objects you can use to make an upcycle lighting design. The only thing is that you need the imagination to see what can be done.
There have been quite a few upcycle design pieces here on upcycleDZINE since the start. And every time I’m still amazed at what designers come up with. And it’s not only great to see a new design, but what I really like about upcycle design is the fact that it’s made of discarded materials or objects and that it shows character and expresses a passion and fun.

Design by RécUPAtiNe



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