Mc Cymbals by Leonardo Criolani

Mc Cymbals by Leonardo Criolani – upcycleDZINE
Music must be in the air. The previous post was about vinyl records and this time it’s about cymbals. Cymbals are a common percussion instrument used in drum kits. From percussion ensembles to jazzbands to heavy metal bands are using cymbals.

Upcycled cymbals: From music to light

One thing I never thought of, was the fact that like almost everything, when it gets broken it gets thrown away. Not strange at all, but in a way a shame. And that must have been the feeling Leonardo Criolani had when he saw this beautiful instrument with clear marks of being used. Sometimes a crack and other times they show a piece missing. In any case, these cymbals still look impressive. You immediately have the feeling that they’ve been used for many hours. Well, Leonardo Criolani had the brilliant idea to save these cymbals from landfill and make stunning, elegant and minimalist pendants out of them.
The design is called ‘Mc Cymbals‘ and Leonardo uses the phrase ‘from music to light’ to show what this design is all about. I think the only problem is not taking a drumstick and hitting them when they hang above the dinner table. They come in different sizes, depending on the cymbals he can get his hands on.

Mc Cymbals by Leonardo Criolani – upcycleDZINE
Photo © Leonardo Criolani

Leonardo, who studied architecture at the University of Florence, has a great ‘Philosophy Of Life‘: “I believe in passion, curiosity, and the constant search for how to improve ourselves and what is around us. I like to think of people as ‘iceberg‘, only a small portion is visible, the rest is hidden, such as feelings and expressions. Whatever surrounds us in everyday life, is born from curiosity to someone, the passion of others and the determination to follow their dreams and ideas.”

Design by Leonardo Criolani



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