Upcycled oil drums by Indusigns

Upcycled oil drums by Indusigns – upcycleDZINE
During the Tortona Design Week | Milan this year, I came across a nice upcycle project ‘Barrel‘ by Francesca Cutini. She uses discarded barrels/drums and turns them over into a library on wheels, container, pouf or pots/vases for outdoor use.
Last weekend I came across upcycle design that also makes use of oil drums. A Dutch design collective called Indusigns has a very nice collection that ranges from lighting to a bbq or furniture.
Upcycled oil drums by Indusigns – upcycleDZINE
“In the spring of 2013, Indusigns was born from our passion for industrial interior design and crafts. Indusigns is not only innovative, but also environmentally conscious. All our lamps and furniture, in industrial style, are unique. We let the used oil drums mainly in the same state as we have retrieved them. How the finished product will look, depends on the journey the drum took. Some oil drums are still intact and undamaged, others have significant signs of wear and tear such as dents and rust. It gives our products character and a look we strive for, industrial and authentic.”
Upcycled oil drums by Indusigns – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Indusigns

Indusigns industrial lamps can be customized as desired. You can tell them the color, cord type, finish, size and design. Indudesign: “We like to help you to realize your lamp.”
Again these designs proof the strong point of upcycle design, it reveals the materials history and character which gives the design an added value. A value that can’t be found in traditional design.

Design by Indusigns


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