PHILIP: Wine bottle lamp by Max McMurdo – upcycleDZINE
At my first post of these week I’m showing you an upcycle design lamp that uses old wine bottles. There are some amazing designs on upcycleDZINE that use wine bottles. Here are a few examples: LaFlor by Nutcreatives, Wine Bottle Lamp by John Liang and Stallo by Os Italianos. And I’m very happy to show you another fantastic upcycle design I found on Facebook.

A wine bottle can be eco-friendly

The design is not only made out of an old wine bottle but also uses another discarded material, pallet wood. The result is a stunning desk or table lamp called ‘Philip’ designed by Max McMurdo. He founded reestore in 2003, with it’s workshop based in Sandy | United Kingdom.

PHILIP: Wine bottle lamp by Max McMurdo – upcycleDZINE
Max started reestore because he became uneasy at the consumption focused ways of the traditional design world. The purpose of reestore is to design and manufacture a range of high end desirable furniture items created from waste destined for landfill.

PHILIP: Wine bottle lamp by Max McMurdo – upcycleDZINE
So what about his new lamp Philip? Well, according to reestore the beautiful upcycled wine bottle lamp with a distressed pallet wood and scaffold board structure is a combination of ‘all Max’s favourite things in life’. “The reclaimed glass bottle has been hand cut, sanded and highly polished to create a stunningly smooth glossy edge. It sits proudly on top of the repurposed pallet and scaffold base which has been designed to allow the glass shade to pivot 90 degrees creating a warm ambient glow as well as a direct work light. A burgundy coloured vintage style cable with inline switch are connected via the original lid to a metal bulb holder housing an E14 SES golf ball bulb.”

PHILIP: Wine bottle lamp by Max McMurdo – upcycleDZINEPHILIP: Wine bottle lamp by Max McMurdo – upcycleDZINE
Photos © reestore

Philip is another great addition to an impressive collection of upcycle design found on reestore. According to Max: “Eco-friendly products do not need to be made from mud and hemp, they can be contemporary, stylish and desirable as well as taking the environment into consideration. From our Bedfordshire based studio, we design and manufacture a range of handmade products for the home, office and retail sectors.”
Looking forward to the next creation.

Design by Max McMurdo | reestore



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