Upcycled tyres + tubes by mnmur – upcycleDZINE
There are some materials out there that always attract my attention. One of them is a bicycle tube. And why? For instance just look at the Bicycle Tube Lamp by Miks Design on upcycleDZINE last year. That design says it all. The great thing about bicycle tubes is the fact that it’s a sturdy material that is tough and elastic at the same time.
And that is exactly what I’m going to look for in case of buying a new bag. Years ago I had a bag made out of used truck tarps, no not by ‘Freitag‘. If you’re looking for a tough material, well that would surely do. But because I’ve owned a bag made out of truck tarps, a different material would be great. So in comes ‘mnmur‘.

Inner tubes upcycled into sturdy products

A company founded by two designers in 2008 in Turin | Italy, with a design approach based on sustainability and craft. They take old bicycle tyres and tubes and make them into wonderful things like belts, wallets, bags, and even jewelry. They make really nice and cool products and have a great eco-friendly mission. mnmur has done a great job in working with these materials because when you see the finished product it shows the character of the material. And that’s why their designs are so honest.
mnmur achieved its goal by hand made production in small numbers, finding self-taught and learned processing techniques. mnmur: “Fundamentals of the creative process carefully search formal and accurate testing of waste, this allows you to verify feasibility of the ideas, models sometimes get completely random results that lead to having great solutions. We manage the entire design process, this means a shift from the mass market, the development of business and the homogenization of the product for a concrete expression of their individuality, creativity and ethical responsibility.”

Design by mnmur

Upcycled tyres + tubes by mnmur – upcycleDZINE

Pencil Case
Upcycled tyres + tubes by mnmur – upcycleDZINE

Messenger Bag
Upcycled tyres + tubes by mnmur – upcycleDZINE

Woman Purse
Upcycled tyres + tubes by mnmur – upcycleDZINE
Photos © mnmur


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