Bicycle Tube Pendant Lamp by Miks design

Bicycle Tube Pendant by Miks design – upcycleDZINE
The featured design you’re seeing here is made out of a very popular upcycling object/material. I’m talking about inner tubes. upcycleDZINE has shown several very creative upcycle designs that make use of these tubes. The material is used in categories like furniture, fashion and lighting. And the latter category isn’t one I would think of to be suitable for creating upcycle design made out of bicycle tubes.

Bicycle tube creates mesmerizing shadows

And to prove the opposite I’m showing this wonderful ‘Bicycle Tube Pendant Lamp‘ by Dutch creative studio Miks Design. If you’ve been a regular visitor here on this blog you may be familiar with this type of lamp.
The pendant lamp is part of a series of upcycle design lamps using bicycle tube strips. The structure is created by an original idea of binding bicycle tube strips around a metal frame. The pendant lamp, measurements 100cm. x 20cm. x 20cm., is a great addition to a lighting collection that creates a mesmerizing atmosphere by shadows playing on the floor, wall and objects surrounding it.

Bicycle Tube Pendant by Miks design – upcycleDZINE
Bicycle Tube Pendant by Miks design – upcycleDZINE
Bicycle Tube Pendant by Miks design – upcycleDZINE

Miks design:

‘No two lamps are the same, but if it does occur, you can easily move some strips of rubber and the lamp and the amount of light will change’.

If you wonder if many tubes are thrown away, you should visit your local bicycle shop. I did and I was stunned to see how many old and broken bicycle tubes they collect in one week. It would be great if more designers could create upcycle design using this material so the tubes don’t end up on landfill and thereby contributing to sustainability.

Bicycle Tube Pendant by Miks design – upcycleDZINE

Design by Miks design



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