Boiler Lamp Collection by Willem Heeffer – upcycleDZINE
Previous on upcycleDZINE was a post about an old expansion vessel that was used for heating systems. Another object used for an indoor heating system is a boiler. But this time a heating system for coffee making. The creative mind who thought of using this unusual object is Dutch designer Willem Heeffer, based in Helsinki | Finland. Regular visitors of upcycleDZINE may have seen some of his fantastic upcycle design pieces. A few examples are Ski-ChandelierCan Light industrial scale and of course his Drum Lamp.

Boiler turns into intriguing shaped pendant

And today it’s time to show you Willem Heifer’s latest creation, the Boiler Lamp collection. It consists of pendants and floor lamps made out of boilers from discarded espresso machines.
Willem Heeffer:

“It is a collaboration with the Paulig coffee factory. After ten years of producing coffee, the boilers are finally transformed into lamps, each tagged with the name and the serial number of the machine where they originate from. In fact, the first boilers in the collection had barely left the factory when Paulig decided to purchase them back as lamps.”

Boiler Lamp Collection by Willem Heeffer – upcycleDZINE
The boiler lamps show a nice contrast between the matt powdered coating on the exterior and the shiny blasted finish on the inside. Great thing about the bigger boiler pendants is their playful hole formations based on the original piping. Instead of covering them, Willem left these holes as they were, resulting in an unusual and intriguing shaped pendant. Brass nuts and fittings are also left untouched on the floor lamps and smaller pendants.

Boiler Lamp Collection by Willem Heeffer – upcycleDZINE
Boiler Lamp Collection by Willem Heeffer – upcycleDZINE
Boiler Lamp Collection by Willem Heeffer – upcycleDZINE
The Boiler Lamp collection is the first element of his new project ‘The City as a Mine’.

“This research project explores potential uses for various residue from local factories in Helsinki. It will result in a series of interior objects as well as an extensive catalog of industrial waste materials, including information about their specific properties and production methods. The aim is to turn trash into a resource into treasures .”

Boiler Lamp Collection by Willem Heeffer – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Willem Heeffer

And again, a stunning example of what upcycle design is all about. Showing that waste shouldn’t be wasted!
One more thing, I’m very curious how these boiler pendants might have looked keeping their original copper color. What do you think?

Design by Willem Heeffer | Facebook



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