Inner Tube design by RenewPurpose – upcycleDZINE
Some objects appeal more than others in upcycle design. One of those objects is a rubber inner tube. At upcycleDZINE you’ve seen several great designs using it: Bicycle Tube Lamp by Miks design, Upcycled tires + tubes by mnmur and Elastic Shelf by SystemDesignStudio.
And last week I bumped into another company that uses inner tubes. It’s a company is called ‘RenewPurpose‘ and they are a design collective focused on creating products from upcycled, recycled, reclaimed, and sustainably raised materials. “We are currently working to bring sustainably produced upcycled products to market, and highlight the efforts of others doing the same.”
Why did RenewPurpose choose this material? “The inner tube of a tire is obviously very important to the operation of any car, truck, or van. It literally holds the air inside the tire. It is also one of the most frequently replaced parts of the vehicle. This leads to a great amount of rubber waste that few people have an immediate use for. At RenewPurpose, we found a use. Our material is locally sourced in Bangkok Thailand, a city infamous for massive traffic jams as well as pollution and waste. Rubber inner tubes are highly durable, protective, and water resistant, perfect for electronics cases. This line includes an iPhone Sleeve, iPad Case, iPad Mini Case and Handbag.”
Inner Tube design by RenewPurpose – upcycleDZINE
I really love the contrast between the other shell an the colorful inner lining. A extremely sturdy outside and an extra soft inside to allow the idevice to move in and out of the sleeve easily without scratching. This sleeve is great for adding additional protection when carrying your idevice in your backpack, purse, or messenger bag. The iPhone sleeve also fits nicely into your front pocket and prevents the screen from rubbing against your keys or loose change.
And once again a fantastic way of upcycling.
Inner Tube design by RenewPurpose – upcycleDZINE
Inner Tube design by RenewPurpose – upcycleDZINE
Inner Tube design by RenewPurpose – upcycleDZINE
Photos © RenewPurpose

Design by RenewPurpose


  1. Brand “Rubber Killer” is the original company who came up with this idea.
    This guy, Ben, stole the idea……

    • Hi Loeng,
      Thank you for your comment. I wasn’t familiar with the brand ‘Rubber Killer’. Great to see what they do.
      It’s always difficult to determine who was first with the idea. And I’m not to judge here who is. On this blog I just want to show what fantastic upcycle design is all about.
      And I must admit RenewPurpose looks a lot like Rubber Killer, but each has it’s own style. Look at the brand ‘mnmur’
      They started in 2008! And I guess there are many more.
      In a way it’s like this, if a new brand starts designing jeans, they are not original in using the fabric. But they should have their own style.
      Again, please give info about great upcycle design so upcycleDZINE can show the fantastic designs that are out there.


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