KertiSofa: upcycle design sofa by KERTI

KertiSofa: upcycle design sofa by KERTI – upcycleDZINE
Today’s featured design is made out of very popular objects/materials used for upcycling. I’m talking about inner tubes. upcycleDZINE has shown several very creative upcycle designs that make use of tubes. Maybe I should make another post with a list of inner tube designs. The last one that was featured here on upcycleDZINE was the Chest Sofa by Sandman. The sofa was made out of an old chest and inner tubes.
And now it’s time for another sofa, but this time a bigger and quite different design.

A sofa with a story and history

The upcycle design shown today is called ‘KertiSofa001/002‘ and is designed by KERTI. Founded by Regitze and Patrick Kerti and based in Berlin | Germany. “We are certified furniture design and architecture professionals offering individualized, Berlin-specific solutions and services.”
They focus on upcycling old and original materials and objects. Just like the stunning KertiSofa that is made out of reclaimed floor boards and discarded inner tubes. “We follow the ideas and leads inherent in found objects, always stressing the importance of quality and singularity of each individual design.”
KertiSofa: upcycle design sofa by KERTI – upcycleDZINE
KertiSofa: upcycle design sofa by KERTI – upcycleDZINE
Photos © KERTI

This furniture design shows once again, like almost everything here on upcycleDZINE, that upcycle design is as interesting as any other design. And actually even more interesting, because it has a story to tell, it has a history. And best of all it safes old items from ending up in landfills.
Pleas take a look at the photo gallery that displays the range and variety of options offered to their clients.

Design by KERTI


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