My upcycle design

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  1. I really like the floor lamp made with golf clubs. I would like to try this myself.
    Would you share with me where you got the swivel connector hardware to join them?
    You have been a great inspiration.

    • Hi, thanks for visiting upcycleDZINE and for your motivating words. That swivel connector is a thing more people are looking for. That piece was laying around in my toolbox. I believe I once bought it at a hardware store online. Sorry, not sure anymore where that was. The one I really would like to have used is one that is easier to adjust. Haven’t found that yet. But for this first piece I’m happy with the way it turned out. Hope you can find the swivel. An if I find it I’ll let you know.

  2. Love your work and your mission. Gives me hope that I am not crazy to see how much beauty and functionality we can make from ‘Junk’!

  3. Wow this is real nice work! I love that you really play with the light! Great inspiration and motivation to go a step futher with my own work! Love it!


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