Nourishment Floor Lamp by Carolyn Joan – upcycleDZINE
When I came across this lamp I was mesmerized by its beauty and shape. Although the design is from 2011 I think it should get all the attention it deserves. The story starts with a design competition. In order to showcase the vast potential of LED lighting, green design website Inhabitat teamed up with lighting brand Philips to launch the first ever Bright Ideas Lighting Design Competition in May 2011. They asked designers to submit stellar examples of inspiring eco-friendly lamps that make smart use of materials and were designed to work with low-energy LED replacement bulbs like Philips’ AmbientLED.
Nourishment Floor Lamp by Carolyn Joan – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Carolyn Joan

The Nourishment Floor Lamps by designer Carolyn Joan Lau won the ‘People’s Choice Award‘. She uses materials produced by her own kitchen, source of most household waste. The Nourishment Floor Lamps are made of yakult bottles and plastic tyreps. The plastic bottles are perforated at their ends and simply assembled with the tyreps. The result is a soft diffused glowing minimalist sculpture. Instead of being thrown in a landfill, the material is illuminated and appreciated, encouraging us to think about how we consume and especially how we can upcycle. The simplicity of the lamp is such that it can be made out of any suitable plastic container.

Design by Carolyn Joan Lau



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