SPIRAL_2: copper tube wall lamp by Ideesign – upcycleDZINE
Hypes and trends come and go. For some time now there’s a trend in the world of interior products. And that trend is the use of copper as a material but also as a color. Maybe it’s only in Europe, but you just have to look into interior magazines to see what I mean. Almost every design using copper is made out of new materials and objects. So when I find design almost entirely made out of waste I’m immediately interested. Jus like a previous design here on upcycleDZINE about a stunning table called Cupro with copper parts. And now I found another upcycle piece that uses copper. And it being minimalist design made it even more intriguing.

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Copper tube spirals into the room

It’s an upcycle design wall lamp called Spiral_2. The design is by Ideesign, founded by Marco Cucci and based in Manfredonia | Italy. It seems upcycle design is quite popular among creative Italians. Marco created this lamp with waste materials. The copper tube in this design was first used for water systems.

SPIRAL_2: copper tube wall lamp by Ideesign – upcycleDZINE
The beautiful thing about this simple and yet elegant design is that it’s suitable for many interiors. The form and the use of copper gives the wall lamp a unique and industrial style. The way the wall lamp spirals into the room certainly attracts attention.
All the components had a different function in their previous ‘life’. The wooden base for instance, is recovered from a pallet and then processed and treated. The brass joint makes it very easy to adjust the lamp. The Spiral_2 is designed to give directional light and really shines with use of a vintage Edison like lightbulb. Luckily these bulbs are also available in a LED version.

SPIRAL_2: copper tube wall lamp by Ideesign – upcycleDZINE
Marco Cucci:

“Ideesign is the bulb that lights up when you have an idea and must at all costs find a home to stay. It’s a collection of ideas just waiting to be filled by new ‘illuminations’. I have not attended art school, but I did studies of a different kind (accountancy and economic). I believe that these disciplines (which leave little to the imagination), helped me to vent my need for creativity.”

Marco has always been fascinated with the idea of modeling a variety of materials to give it a new use. After gaining knowledge of several materials he started to focus his attention to lighting and upcycling materials, often combining them into one.

SPIRAL_2: copper tube wall lamp by Ideesign – upcycleDZINE

“The materials used are varied, from wood to glass, plastic, iron, paper and clay. Every object is potentially convertible into beauty, although some are better suited than others to transform. The research of my materials aims always to quality and respect for the environment.”

If you like this design you should definitely visit his Etsy store to see Ideesign’s collection.

Design by Ideesign | Facebook


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