LUUNA: Crochet pendant lamp by Buubok – upcycleDZINE
For some time now crochet has been very popular overhere in The Netherlands. And not crochet where they use a small thread, but where they use these thick ones. You’ll find several items made with this technique, like a pouf, basket, carpet or blanket.
At first glance crochet might look like knitting, but they’re totally different. The technique and supplies are different. Knitting can be handmade or by a machine. But crochet differs on two big points with knitting: crochet is always done by hand, never by machine. A crocheter’s movements are so complex that, until now, no machine has been built to master this. The second difference is crochet doesn’t make use of pointy needles, but one needs a crochet hook.

Crochet technique used with recycled material

And the featured upcycle lighting design today is a crochet product. And a very special one I have to say. The design is called ‘LUUNA‘ and is a pendant designed by Dutch design studio Buubok, based in Rotterdam. “A favorite technique of creation is knitting and crocheting. We are constantly looking for different patterns and stitches to develop our creativity and diversity of products. The best patterns are those traditional, proven through the years. We try to give them a new style using in a new context.”

LUUNA: Crochet pendant lamp by Buubok – upcycleDZINE
LUUNA: Crochet pendant lamp by Buubok – upcycleDZINE
Photos © Buubok

I really like the shape in combination with the used material. LUUNA is made from hand-cutted recycled material from salvaged fabric. For this reason, the color and thickness may vary. That’s what makes every LUUNA unique. The material is mostly cotton, but may include synthetic fibers. A nice aspect of this design is because it’s unbreakable it’s suitable in every room, even a children’s room.
Buubok: “We take upcycling seriously, so we try to consciously use all of material and do not waste leftovers. Even the smallest pieces of fabric are used. Large quantities are used to make carpets, rugs, lamps or other large objects. Smaller pieces are used to make purses, beauticians, children’s toys and home decorations. And from really tiny tiny remnants we do small nice things such as brooches, bracelets or key rings.”

Design by Buubok




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