DELIGHT: traffic light lenses lamp by gabarage – upcycleDZINE

DELIGHT: traffic light lenses lamp by gabarage

Writing this blog on upcycleDZINE is one big adventure. I’m always searching for that great discovery. Sometimes I get a link to a nice piece of upcycle design in my mailbox. But most of the time I’m surfing the web. And some websites I visit more frequently than others because they have so much amazing […]

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Sculptures made from keys by Moerkey – upcycleDZINE

Sculptures made from keys by Moerkey

Most of times upcycleDZINE features upcycle design lighting, furniture and some homeware. And just a few times there has been art on this blog. Art on upcycleDZINE is of course made out of upcycling discarded objects like for example decommissioned weapons, bicycle chains or skateboards. And today it’s all about keys. Yes sculptures and lighting […]

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DIY: Pallet Coffee Table by 1001 Pallets – upcycleDZINE

DIY: Pallet Coffee Table by 1001 Pallets

It has been a while since there was a post here about a DIY upcycle design project. There is a nice category on upcycleDZINE with great DIY projects. One a little more difficult then the other, but they are all doable. Last year in October I was in need of some lamp standards for my […]

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HALO: acrylic ellipses pendant by Beau Easley – upcycleDZINE

HALO: acrylic ellipses pendant by Beau Easley

On this Friday, the last post of the week, I’m showing you an upcycle design lamp. There have been many here on upcycleDZINE, but never with use of this material. I looks like glass, but it’s actually acrylic. It almost has the same transparency as glass. Especially at the edges of the different parts you […]

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Urban Light Factory, based in Berlin | Germany, creates unique lighting created out of vintage headlights from motorcycles and autombiles – upcycleDZINE

Upcycled vintage headlights by Urban Light Factory

Lighting is a thing we can’t do without. According to WikipediA: ‘Lighting or illumination is the deliberate use of light to achieve a practical or aesthetic effect. Lighting includes the use of both artificial light sources like lamps and light fixtures, as well as natural illumination by capturing daylight.’ On upcycleDZINE I show lighting that […]

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Mamukko designs and creates bags made out of reclaimed materials like sails and leather – upcycleDZINE

Unique bags out of reclaimed materials by Mamukko

Time for one of my favorite items, especially when they are made out of upcycled materials. I’m talking about bags. I’ve said it before on upcycleDZINE, I guess I’ve got a soft spot for bags although I just use one [not upcycled]. I think it’s about the craftsmanship it represents together with nice details and […]

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NIGHTSHOP a design studio based in Rotterdam, created this stunning upcycle design lamp called Exploded Chandelier made out of second hand brass chandeliers – upcycleDZINE

Exploded Chandelier: old and new by NIGHTSHOP

The last post of this week is about a kind of structured chaos. Maybe some of you know a chandelier called ‘Porca Miseria‘ by German industrial designer Ingo Maurer. You’ll never forget that design once you’ve seen it. And although todays featured design doesn’t have [not yet] the status of that classic, it did remind me […]

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